Thoughts on 2004 Award Winner

Business schools today are sorely lacking when it comes to hands on experience (the requirement of having at least one semester of an internship not withstanding).  While I believe that having highly educated teachers (those achieving their doctorate) is important, I think that schools of higher learning should place more emphasis and focus on hiring professorial staff that have the work experience (i.e., working in the profession in which they teach).  This will, in my estimation, actually help students put together the theory often taught in school with the practical application of their future trade.  I have interviewed 5 candidates for an internship in my department over the last week and only 2 knew the difference between advertising and marketing.  What are they teaching these students in their marketing classes?


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  1. After last night’s class I had some time to ponder my blog posting about the importance of professors having a PHD rather than just relevant work experience. I guess I hadn’t really given it enough thought. I believe my preference for on-the-job experience over a PHD level experience have been shaped by some PHD level professors I have had in the past who perhaps weren’t “best in class”. While they had a vast knowledge of the theory of what they were teaching, what they were teaching didn’t really seem relevant to the working environment (once I got there). So I guess I am learning. When asked the question next time…what is more important? Is it having professors with PHD levels of education or “real world experience”, I will not immediately say “real world experience.” I will instead take a step back and say: “In a perfect world, I want and need a professor that has a PHD education, but this educator has to have worked in his/her trade long enough to help me apply both the theory and the practice of the field of study before I get immersed in it in a job environment.


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