Thoughts on the 2004 Winner Revisited…

After last night’s class I had some time to ponder my blog posting about the importance of professors having a PHD rather than just relevant work experience. I guess I hadn’t really given it enough thought. I believe my preference for on-the-job experience over a PHD level experience have been shaped by some PHD level professors I have had in the past who perhaps weren’t “best in class”. While they had a vast knowledge of the theory of what they were teaching, what they were teaching didn’t really seem relevant to the working environment (once I got there). So I guess I am learning. When asked the question next time…what is more important? Is it having professors with PHD levels of education or “real world experience”, I will not immediately say “real world experience.” I will instead take a step back and say: “In a perfect world, I want and need a professor that has a PHD education, but this educator has to have worked in his/her trade long enough to help me apply both the theory and the practice of the field of study before I get immersed in it in a job environment.


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