Big brother healthcare—we are watching you…

Reading the story Get Healthy—Or Else left me very conflicted.  On the one hand, I really wish that my employer would provide even half of the services that Scotts provides to/demands use of by its employees.   On the other hand, my life is my business not my employer’s.  So how much control do we have to give up to get a little more in the way of services? It’s a fine line


That said, I really dislike Scotts’ negative motivational approach.   I wonder if Mr. Hagedorn ever thought about trying a volunteer strategy to his “gonna get my company healthy approach”.   That’s my main issue with his tyrannical approach.  If he had just implemented at least the cheaper elements of his program on a volunteer basis, it is very possible that he could have achieved a similar health result as he did by demanding health conformity.


Now, let’s talk about employees’ right to healthcare by their employer.  Healthcare today seems to be a cost of entry for employers when it comes to hiring quality employees.  I have to say I would have to look twice at a company at which I was interviewing if it didn’t offer health insurance.  So, do I feel entitled to health insurance?  Heck yeah!  Lest you think I am one of those “taker” types, I should tell you that I take my own health seriously.  I get all the age and gender appropriate tests, probes and proddings and I exercise regularly.  So, do I expect to have health insurance from my employer?  Yes, but at the end of the day, I do my part to earn that health insurance.  And, I wish more of my co-workers felt and did the same.

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