Screaming managers—firm believers in attracting flies with vinegar!

 If you have been in the workforce long enough, you will inevitably get a screamer boss.  In addition to the screaming, screamer bosses are also of the belittling ilk.  I had the “pleasure” of having a screamer/belittler in the early part of my career.  Some would say I got it out of my system early…the feeling that I had to or deserved to take that kind of abuse that is.  That time in my life is certainly over.  Life is way too short to take that kind of abuse.  

 I often wonder what happened in their childhood or early work life to make them screamers.  Did they have a “screamer role model”?  Did they enjoy the abuse so much that they felt the need to share the experience with others?  No way to tell really.  But I think the main reason there are still screamer bosses out there is because Senior Management lets it happen either explicitly or implicitly.  

 Seeing the screamer/belittler in action just makes my skin crawl.  I just watch in wonder and think how is it possible that this jerk boss thinks that this type of behavior is going to motivate his/her employee to be more productive?  If anything, that behavior is going to cause at least 10 times the amount of complaining minutes to other employees as the act of screaming actually took.  How is that productive?


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