Iraq War…Who is to blame?

In-depth Iraq

Someone once told me, “be wary of joining groups as they can cause us to do things we would normally have the common sense to avoid.”  The invasion of Iraq tops the common sense to avoid list.  Group think is an evil monster that usually creeps up slowly and eats you piece by piece.  Maybe it’s just because the group members aren’t that engaged with the group, perhaps some are just too busy to care, but in the end the result of group think can be devastating to a project or, in the case of Iraq, the “brand” of a nation.

 So what was the ultimate downfall of the pre-Iraq war Intelligence report?  Something we tell our kids to do every night…DO YOUR HOMEWORK!  It was so very easy for Congress and the president to blindly accept the US intelligence report on face value.  Didn’t anyone think that there could possibly be a political or personal motive behind the intelligence collected on whether we should invade Iraq?  

 So now, who is to blame for all of this?  That’s an interesting question.  Because the answer is: it really doesn’t matter.  The whole world blames America for this group think fiasco.  So who is to blame?  Ultimately, the blame falls on all of us.  And, how will this blame bare itself out?  Continued attacks on the “American aggressor” and continued hatred by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.


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