New Wine, Old Bottle

Wine, now this is an article I can really get behind!  Okay, as I read the article, I realized this article isn’t about wine at all.  But, I really like the concept of servant leaders.  Maybe it’s because it is Sunday, but I know and worship a servant leader and I certainly would like to emulate him.  

So what is a servant leader you may ask?  A servant leader is someone who:

1)      builds a horizontal rather than a vertical relationship with staff

2)      re and clearly defines expectations—clearly identifies upfront what is expected and consistently coaches his/her direct reports throughout the year…not just another annual process

3)      transfer the power from the manager to the employee—the manager transforms into the coach

Changing to a servant leadership role means a paradigm shift for most leaders.  No longer can we rely on the “go-fer” delegation.  We must focus on empowerment delegation.  Allow our people to own the jobs they are doing and not micro-manage them to death.  

I believe the servant leadership is something that all organizations should strive for.  The only problem you have with that ideal is if you don’t have a staff with an internal locus of control.  Servant leadership requires that people not only take initiate, but they also take responsibility.  Until you can achieve this type of staff, you won’t have the complete harmony that a servant leadership culture can provide.


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