Where Are You on the Social Media Ladder?

I was reading the Forrester blog today on the subject of social technographics and I have to say I really like how they measure and differentiate the various users of social media.  You should sign up for their blog for detailed information, but I was really intrigued with how they presented the different segments through the visual of rungs on a ladder.

I found the blog so very interesting because as I read the seven categories of users, I couldn’t help but marvel how far I have come up the social media ladder in a few short months.  For instance, up until very recently I was on the “Joiners” rung–those who had joined some social media sites (for me it was LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook).   That said, even though the ladder seems to represent a progression of usage, I really didn’t do much of what is covered in the “Spectators” rung.   So there I sat on the Joiner rung for a couple of years.   

After taking a fabulous MBA class on Personal Branding by Dr. Bret Simmons, I quickly stepped up the social media ladder.  I was almost simultaneously a collector, a critic, and a conversationalist.  Now, I can happily say that I am a creator.  And, I like it that way.  

Some of the other interesting statistics shown in Forrester’s recent study called North America Technographics Empowerment Online Study Q4 2009 were that:

  • Conversationalists are more likely to be female (56%), more than any other group in the ladder. While they’re among the youngest of the groups, 70% are still 30 and up.
  • Joiners are still growing rapidly, and Creators are still growing slowly.

So, where are you on the social media ladder?  Have you reached the top? Why not?  The view is great from up here!

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