B2B marketers are well-positioned to capitalize on social media

In my last blog, I focused on how B2C companies are well positioned to capitalize on their fans—specifically, fans are likely to make purchases from a brand for which they are fans or followers.  At the end of the blog I was left with the nagging question.  What about B2B companies?  Can they capitalize on fans and followers?  While I don’t have the answers quite yet, a market study completed by business.com in 2009 (via eMarketer) provides me with some hope. 

Here’s why:  when it comes to social media, B2B firms are much more likely than B2C companies to focus on the metrics that can have a significant impact on their business.  Specifically, they pay more attention (from a metric measurement perspective) to lead generation, brand awareness and website traffic than B2C companies.  B2C companies on the other hand are more likely than B2B companies to focus on the more general metric of revenue. 

So, I haven’t found definitive proof yet of how B2B companies can capitalize on the financial resources and man hour expenditures they put into social media, but I are getting there.   Stay tuned for more B2B information.

Happy Marketing!


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