Your brand is under attack, will you save it?

As marketers, one of our most important jobs is to protect our brand.  At the very least, we should be making sure that our marketing and advertising efforts aren’t hurting our brands.  Sound preposterous?   Read on.  I have a talked a lot about protecting your brand in the social media space, but one critical thing I haven’t talked about is protecting your brand in the advertising space. 

When it comes to advertising, there are many things you have to consider.  Things like reach, frequency, target audience and message.  One very important thing that sometimes gets overlooked is the physical placement of your ad.  There are benefits to having the front and/or back cover and being right in the middle of the publication.  And, if you can, always have your ad put on the right page rather than the left page of a publication (we read left to right…what’s on the right side is the last thing the reader sees). 

All of that said, here’s what gets missed by some marketers/advertisers. If you aren’t doing a full-page ad, there will be stories and other ads next to yours.  Know what they are going to be!  Here are the things you will want to avoid:

  • Being next to stories/articles about something negative, devastating or horrific. It happens all the time in consumer-based publications and newspapers.  So marketers…do you really want your ad next to the story about the cheating politician or worse…a story about a company that cheated their clients out of millions?
  • Being next to a competitor (with a better ad).  Nothing like having your boss open the publication only to have him/her see your crappy black and white ad next to a competitor’s full color, high impact ad.    

But wait, there’s more!

This problem gets compounded when you are using an ad network and/or ad aggregator to buy and place your ad.  All these companies are doing is negotiating for the best price for you, not the best placement.  For that, luck be your lady.

Since I am all about showing you numbers, here is some market research I found from the Winterberry Group via eMarketer on online ad placement.

  • According to the firm’s white paper “Beyond the Grey Areas,” ad agencies recognize that ad placements must be auditable and that advertisers must be able to verify and know where ads are appearing, as well as to feel safe about their brand.   

Importance of Transparency for Select Online Display Advertising Concerns According to Ad Agencies in North America, March 2010 (scale of 1-5*)


So the marketers believe that ad auditability, ad placement, brand safety, ad performance and ad context are all important, BUT, agencies admit they don’t deliver the transparency that brand marketers need. They rated the degree of auditability as only 2.67 on the same 1-5 scale. General brand safety received a rating of 2.8.

Oh the irony!

So, when you are going to advertise, either online or in print, make sure you keep an eye on the safety of your brand and get the most value out of your advertising placement.

Happy marketing!

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