Making the “social” connection with consumers/buyers…

Being a market researcher first and a marketer second, I am always intrigued with why and how consumers/buyers connect with companies.  So when I find a blog or article about why and how people connect with companies, well let’s just say I am very happy (in a geeky sort of way).

I read an article from eMarketer in which they discussed a study conducted by ExactTarget.  In the study, ExactTarget asked people why they gave a company their e-mail address.  Coming as no surprise, the majority of respondents gave something (their e-mail address) to get something (discounts and freebies). 

  • Much to marketers chagrin, interacting with the brand, to show support or staying educated about the company’s industry or topic of choice were at the bottom of the list. 


Motivation to Give Email Address to a Company, Apr 2010 (% of US internet users)


Another study, this time completed by Morpace, sought to understand why people joined a Facebook fan page.  Again coming as no surprise, discounts and deals are highly important as is to stay current on available new products.  I have to be honest here. I really don’t believe they became a fan to let their friends know what products they support.  But, I do believe they would join a fan page of a non-profit (like the Nevada Humane Society) or an event to encourage their friends to mutually support that event or non-profit.

Reasons for Joining Facebook Fan Pages, Mar 2010 (% of US Facebook users)

Okay so what does all of this mean?  Well as a marketer, you have to understand that those becoming your fan on Facebook or giving you their e-mail address are not as committed and engaged as you believe them to be.  Their engagement may only last as long as the discount/freebie gravy train continues.     But don’t lose hope.  I believe that with the right content and educational materials, you can keep the engagement going long past the discounts and freebies.  That’s where your drip marketing campaign comes in. 

Happy Marketing!


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