Content marketing and the small business…

For those of you reading my blog, you know that I am constantly lamenting about the relative absence of good B2B marketing ROI data, particularly as it relates to digital and social media marketing.  Well, I am happy to report that I soon expect to lament no more. 

That’s due to an upcoming study, B2B Content Marketing Study, from Junta42 and MarketingProfs (with assistance from the Business Marketing Association and American Business Media).

The authors of the study were nice enough to provide all of us with a preview of the study.  I thought you might find the following data interesting:

  • Very small companies (those with less than 10 employees) blog more than large companies (over 1000 employees) at nearly double the rate (64% to 39%).
  • Small companies have been faster to adopt social media and eBooks.
  • The average B2B company spends 26% of their budget on content marketing.  Small companies spend 34% of budget while large companies spend 21%.

Another encouraging finding from the upcoming release was that over half of B2B marketers say they are planning to increase their spend on content marketing in 2011. 

While I would still like to see more of this type of research and evaluation going on in the B2B and specifically the small business market, this is certainly a good start.

Happy Marketing!


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