Engage much? The best bloggers do…

According to eMarketer and Blog2Print, about one-quarter of Fortune 1,000 companies will maintain a public-facing blog this year for marketing purposes.   The big guys are doing it and guess what?  You can too.  The great thing about blogging and social media is that you don’t have to have a huge marketing budget to engage your target market in social media.  You just need to spend the time to find and engage your market.

So what do the big guys believe makes a great corporate blog?  It’s:

  • An engaged community—which you can achieve through remarkable content (46%)
  • Daily postings/consistency (26%)
  • Sharing relevant information (10%)

So why do the big guys blog?  According to those Fortune 1,000 CMOs surveyed by Blog2Print, it’s for the same reasons why us small guys and gals blog: 

  • It’s the cost of doing business (50%)
  • To gain clients/customers (20%)
  • To become the authority (18%)

So what’s the key to successful blogging?  For most, it’s an engaged community and remarkable content.

Happy marketing!


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