A 10% Response Rate? Who’da Thunk it?

So, you are probably thinking, okay you got me with the 10% response rate…now what gives? Did you really achieve a 10% response rate?  God’s honest truth here:  YES! For one of the main direct marketing campaigns I am running at work I am achieving a 10% response rate (or better).  How’d I do it?  Well, believe it or not…the old fashioned way.

A lot has been said lately about the effectiveness of going digital and using social media in your marketing efforts.  I agree that they can definitely be effective…for the right audience.   But…my audience for this mailing has been a little slower in adopting social media…I know this because I do a lot of research with my target markets.

So now what?  Yes, right, the old fashioned way…direct mail and telephone calls.

As I stated in my post, Direct Mail Is a Viable Option for Marketing to Small Businesses, direct mail is not effective in a vacuum.  Direct mail alone won’t do the “heavy lifting” for you.  To be effective, direct mail needs to be part of an integrated campaign. 

And, in this case, my integrated campaign includes a few things:

  • Targeted message letters
  • Outbound telemarketing
  • Email follow up with support information—opt in of course

I know that others are replicating my success with integrated marketing campaigns focusing on direct mail. 

What’s your marketing success story?

Happy marketing!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Of course it works. For many years, my response rate was in the 20-25% range for direct mail. I had to be careful as to how many ads I mailed out so I could do each respondent justice, while taking care of existing customers. I carefully built a call back list. First I would see a building project about ready to start, and I would mail an offer to help with the builders risks and liability for the project. Five days later, if I had not heard from the prospect, I made a phone call. If I did not get my man, I called again the next day at a better time of day.

    As Sharon said, it is simple, a bit time consuming, but very rewarding–and it works!


    • Posted by sharonmarkovsky on February 7, 2011 at 6:10 pm

      Claude, that is great to hear! Your contact method sounds very effective!

      Thanks for sharing!


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