The “policing” of social media…they are watching you!

In our deliberate and not so deliberate personal branding efforts, we must always remember that everything we do and say is searchable and discoverable on the internet.  I saw a posting from a colleague Daniel Draz on LinkedIn that I believe everyone should see….the results from a study conducted by the International Association of Chiefs of Police as shown on the website for  Fraud Solutions.

A little about the IACP: The IACP’s Center for Social Media was launched in October 2010 for the sole purpose of building the capacity of law enforcement to use social media to prevent and solve crimes, strengthen police-community relations, and enhance services. IACP’s Center for Social Media serves as a clearinghouse of information and no-cost resources to help law enforcement personnel develop or enhance their agency’s use of social media and integrate Web 2.0 tools into agency operations.

So what does that mean?  Big Brother is truly here and watching you!

Here are some of the highlights of the survey:

  • 81.1% of agencies surveyed use social media.
  • 66.8% of agencies surveyed have a Facebook page–yes the IACP has one as well…click here to view it
  • 35.2% of agencies surveyed have a social media policy and an additional 23.2% are in the process of crafting a policy.
    • Of the agencies not currently using social media, 61.6% are considering its adoption.

Okay so you might be asking why, as a marketer, I am showing you this.  Well, first off, it is cool information.  But more importantly, how you brand your company and yourself (what you do and say) on the internet  is discoverable, it’s all public record.  And, those of us that are higher up in our companies…we can do major damage to not only our personal brands, but our company brands as well if we get sloppy on the internet.

Happy Marketing!


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