Stop Marketing Now!

Got your attention?  I thought so. 


Now, before you run to get your pitchforks and light your torches, let me explain.   You can’t just jump into marketing for your company and expect it to work.  You have to plan to execute and execute to a plan.

 Marketing seems so simple to many folks that they just jump right in and start throwing money at it.  If that is what you are doing, stop now…you are wasting money!   So what do you need to do?  Here are

Four easy steps to starting your marketing plan and effort:

  1. Determine the objectives, goals, and targets for your marketing effort
  2. Determine your strategies—will you be building awareness? Increasing consideration? Educating your target? Increasing Loyalty/Customer Retention?
  3. Determine your tactics—what types of marketing will you employ? What percentage of your budget are you willing to devote to each tactic? How many “man” hours will you devote to the effort each month/week/day?
    • Direct Mail—yes, it can be very effective
    • Social Media
    • Advertising
    • Internet marketing
    • Telemarketing
    • Etc…
  4. Determine how you will measure success—your answer should not be we will make more money…that will be an outcome, but that’s not a measure. This is the most often neglected piece of the marketing plan! This will need to align with your goals and targets.  Some examples of how you can measure success are:
    • Surveys—great way of measuring awareness
    • Click Throughs—Google Analytics is great for this
    • Customer Usage—this would be collected through internal data
    • Sales—again, this is collected through internal data.

Marketing is very important for your company.  If you don’t have an organized marketing effort, you will likely have a problem meeting your top line and bottom line revenue goals.  Start planning to execute and executing your plan today!

Happy Marketing!


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