Do you hear what I hear…?

Social media happens to you whether you looking and caring or not.  What do I mean?  Well, it is your choice whether or not to actively participate in social media.  For me, I would rather be the master of my personal and professional brand rather than someone else controlling my brand for me.  To do that, I have to actively participate in social media. 

As a marketer, I make it my business to know what is going on both online and offline in the marketing/market research world as well as in the insurance world.   So how do I keep up with what is going on in social media/online? 

Here are my two favorite methods:

LinkedIn Groups—I use almost all 50 of my LinkedIn Group joining opportunities.  I keep 3 free so that I can add one at a moment’s notice, without leaving a group that I might actually need.   And, I actually quickly scan/review all the emails that get from my groups each day.  I know what you are thinking…get a life…but truly this is how I am building my professional life.  And, more importantly, you find out what people are mad about in your industry, in your state, and most importantly about your company. 

  • Case in Point:  One of the key competitors in the insurance leads space is being absolutely destroyed in one of the insurance agents LinkedIn Groups to which I belong.  And, that company is not even part of the group.  If I didn’t know anything about that company I would totally write them off.  No way, based on the comments that are still being posted (weeks later) in that group that I would buy any insurance leads from them.  So, the moral of the story?   They chose not to actively participate in LinkedIn and they are paying the price with their potential market.

Hootsuite—If you are doing anything in the social media space then Hoosuite should be your best friend.  It is a free twitter aggregation site.  Hootsuite allows you to better organize how you see twitter and it allows you to better research and follow topics, not just people.  Another great thing about Hootsuite is that it allows you to schedule your tweets.  Imagine that!  You can appear to never sleep!  You can have your tweets appear to your target market 24X7.  Even the best PR and Marketing Agency  (or Hollywood publicist) can do that for you!

What are your favorite methods to keep up with your industry online?

Happy Marketing!


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