Product Placement…the easily forgotten differentiator!

There are many forms of delivery for your marketing program…have you considered product placement lately?  Ok, placement is one of the four P’s of marketing….but how can you use product placement to your marketing advantage?    (Oh and by the way…I am not talking about shelving here…though this is a way to get your product noticed.)

Here’s how three easy steps:

  • Determine where your target market spends their physical time—you have heard the adage “fish where the fish are” right?  Why not put your fancy net where the fish like to swim…if only briefly?  For example…where do people who want to get married spend some of their time?  Why, waiting in line at city hall of course!  If you are providing goods and services supporting marriage…why not get your brochure there?
  • Let them use it—when it comes to placement, one size does not fix all.  You don’t always have to focus on putting your brochureware where people can see it.  How about letting your target market actually test out your product in a place they were going anyway?  For example, Haws Corporation has a solution to bottled water called the Hydration Station.  And, to get people used to their product concept and see if their target audience would resonate with their product, they had Hydration Stations set up at The Sundance Film Festival.  What a great way to build a buzz for your product! 
  • Determine your potential local distribution partners—as a business owner, you should always be thinking about what partners could provide your information to your target market for little or no cost to your company.  For instance, a great distribution partner for companies whose target markets are new businesses and people new to an area is a local chamber of commerce or a visitor’s center.  They regularly market to this company’s target market and it should be able to get the company’s name out relatively inexpensively.

Have some additional placement ideas?  Let me know in the comments section below!

Happy Marketing!

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