Why you can’t wait another day to create a personal brand online…

Whether we like it or not, we can’t hide from the internet.  Every picture in which we are included and every community activity in which you engage are internet fodder—whether you like it or not.  Ok, so now you know.  Stop trying to hide—much like an ostrich hiding with its head in the sand…you will get eaten.

 So you can’t stop the internet, but you can shape your online personal brand…

Here are six ways you can quickly clean up your online brand today:

  • Be a networker—build your social network with quality people.   Social media is by definition social.  To help build your online brand and help you go viral…you need friends, followers, “linkers” and “commenters” (your mom and your cousin bobby too).
  • Be photo consistent—use the same profile photo across all your social media outlets…be the same person on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn…etc.
  • Be image conscious—review your Facebook and make sure you untag any photos that aren’t consistent with you are or who you want to be.  And no, you don’t want to have the sloppy drunk brand online (even if that is your offline brand).
  • Watch your language—avoid using inappropriate language and discussing inappropriate topics—particularly a problem on Facebook. 
    • Remember—everything you say on Facebook is findable.  Do you want a potential employer to see your post on Facebook where you trash your boss or company?   If you think your private settings will save you…think again.
    • Don’t be a player—I know that being a mayor of crazytown is cool, but it doesn’t help your online brand….neither does having a lot of fat and happy animals on Farmville.
    • Stay on target—blog about a consistent topic.  If you are investing the time to blog, make sure you stay on target
      • Use key words to make your blog searchable/findable on the internet.  If you are like me, a marketer, you need to put key marketing words and terms in every blog.

And, what’s most important?  Don’t Quit!  Stay vigilant.  The time you spend crafting your online brand will pay off big time.  It might not be today or tomorrow, but it will be soon.

Want more help crafting your personal brand?  Ask Dan Schawbel from the personalbrandingblog…the personal branding superstar! 

How are you building and controlling your online personal brand?

Happy marketing!

8 responses to this post.

  1. I agree with the consistency in term of professional image on Twitter Linkedin, your blog and other business related online platforms like some Meetup groups However I think it is better to have a more casual picture and topics for Facebook Friends page( not the business fan page). I use FB to share some personal things I like that do not fit in Twitter or Linkedin. For example I just posted a video about Zumba. Why ? because I want to attract people who share same passions in life which are not related directly to my business. Of course everything is connected and overlapping so I am careful on my content both in the area of professional expertise and personal information.


    • Posted by sharonmarkovsky on April 13, 2011 at 8:01 am

      Good points. For some folks Facebook will be a much more personal relationship and a different picture may be warranted. I think having a more personal side on Facebook is good because it does show people that you aren’t an autonoton…you are a real person. I probably should have qualified my post on the fact that you don’t want to be all business on Facebook…you need to show your personal side as well. It goes with the notion that you have to “real” in social media.

      Thank you for your great insight!


  2. In 2011 folks got to remember that what they do online is the same as doing something in public…but even more so, because this has a trail and a lot more people can see it. Good reminders on consistent professionalism.


  3. Excellent suggestions, I really liked the consistent comments about photos and topics if blogging.


    • Posted by sharonmarkovsky on April 16, 2011 at 9:22 pm

      Thanks Jeremy!

      If you have a business focus, it is reallly important that you have a consistently look to all your social media outlets. This is particularly important when you have a common name like Joe Smith.



  4. Great post Sharon, having a good online brand is something everyone needs to be aware of and work toward building it.


    • Posted by sharonmarkovsky on April 16, 2011 at 9:23 pm

      Thanks Michelle!

      It is very important and I am surprised that so few people, relatively speaking, have taken charge of their online personal brand. In the end, their lack of planning will be their down fall!

      Thanks for your insightful comments!


  5. Great reminder Sharon!

    I find it quite fascinating how people do not seem to realize the power of the online presence and what it can do for/ or agains your image. If done right, creating a personal professional brand online can have such positive consequences to one’s life and career.

    Let’s keep it professional! 🙂

    Jaana Eubanks


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