Marketing Automation Success Factors…


Anyone that reads my blog knows that I am all about automating your marketing.  As marketers, we just don’t have the time and man/woman power it takes to hand crank marketing campaigns.  That’s why I love all the strides marketing software companies have made in help crazed marketers like me automate their marketing campaigns.

Now all of this said, even in this day and age, marketing automation systems are not completely automated.  And you need to know that before jumping in and laying down a bundle of cash for a marketing automation system. 

I recently read a great blog article on the MASG website about the subject; it’s by Justin Gray , CEO of LeadMD called Marketing Automation ROI: Myths and Facts.

While I encourage you to read the full blog, here are some of the key takeaways for me that you might enjoy (by the way, I am paraphrasing and adding my own spin here):

  • Start at the beginning not the end…Make sure your database is in order before you start
  • Marketing Automation is One Big IF/THEN Statement— Make sure you have a leads process in place, the system just automates your manual process; having a detailed leads process map will be required!
  • You need lots of content—you need to think of your marketing automation as a campaign, not as a series of “once and dones”
  • You don’t just flip a switch and turn marketing automation on…it can take months to get it up and running (in a smooth manner)
  • The results of marketing automation aren’t immediate—some campaigns have a long tail
  • Measuring the success of marketing automation takes time—good things come to those who are patient (not those who wait)

Four success factors of Marketing Automation:

  • Executive Buy-in
  • Good to great content
  • Milestones and success factors
  • Know when a lead is a lead and when it is still a prospect

What to read more about this?  Click here:

Happy Marketing!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Justin knows his stuff. I’ve been following him for a while now and I always pay attention to his perspective of things.


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