Hello From Sharon!

I am a marketing and marketing research strategy expert–with over 18years of professional experience–who excels at designing and applying practical and effective marketing and marketing research programs as well as customer acquisition, cross-sell, and retention strategies.  Throughout my career, I have provided thought-leadership support to both internal and external clients in many different industries including: insurance, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, plumbing, distribution, and safety.  

My adeptness and ability to cull out consumer insights from data has helped my clients improve their operations by better understanding their potential and integrating various strategies across direct mail, online, competitive intelligence, brand, media, advertising, and distribution to help them reach their full potential. In addition to my client side experience, I am one of the founders of Fast Forward Strategies, a marketing strategy company.

I serve on the board of directors for the Society of Insurance Research and find enormous inspiration while brainstorming with other insurance research professionals. I am a member of the Direct Marketing Association, the Marketing Research Association and the American Marketing Association and hold a BS, in management with emphasis in marketing from Rutgers University. I am currently pursuing my MBA at University of Nevada Reno (UNR).  I have achieved my PRC certification at the expert level.

On the personal side, I live in Reno, Nevada with my husband and son.

My purpose is to change attitudes and behavior through effective marketing and market research.

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